A Parent’s Perspective

July 28, 2010

Written By Sara Magnusson

Volunteers are not the only ones who see and feel the positive effects of the volunteer work done in Guatemala. Upon the return of our volunteers, we were presented with many parent e-mails and statements speaking on the positive effect this experience had on their son/daughter.

‘We knew she would be very tired when we picked her up Saturday night and so didn’t expect a lot of details about the trip but from the moment we left baggage claim she didn’t stop talking until my wife and I said we had to go to bed. She loved her host family, the food, the work, even the weather. (When I asked her what part was the most fun she said playing hide-and-seek with Chris and the others at the spooky church.) We haven’t heard any negatives yet. We have all been very impressed with every aspect of the GV organization and grateful for our daughter’s experience with it.’

Sending a high school aged child to a foreign country can be both a nerve racking experience and exciting experience for a parent. Knowing their child’s comfort zones, the way they deal with new situations, group work and their leadership skills leads a parent to have some idea of how they will react to a certain situation. But much of the time, youth go above and beyond and exceed the expectations of even their parents.

‘I know he is resistant to change, or getting outside his comfort zone. It is no easy task to get him to do things he gets overly self conscience about, but he put as much as he could into it. Right now, I can’t help but think his two weeks down there that he ‘grew’ two years in his maturity level.’


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