Adult Trip 2010

June 29, 2010

Students shouldn’t get all of the fun of exploring Guatemala with Global Visionaries. With this year’s Adult Trip approaching fast, grown ups can also share that experience. The Life Long Leadership Program will be traveling through Guatemala from November 20-28, 2010.

As a partner trip of Global Visionaries’ student excursions to Guatemala, the adult Life Long Leadership Program combines recreational travelling and service learning in Antigua and surrounding areas. One major difference is that the Adult Trip is more vacation-oriented than the student trips.

While in Antigua, the travelers will experience the language, customs, culture and sights of the city. The first of many stops is Pacaya volcano, which has been continuously active since 1965. The group then departs for Lake Atitlán, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful lakes, for an overnight stay there.

Upon leaving Lake Atitlán, the group will head to the town of Chichicastenango, which is renowned for its bustling market. The market, active on Thursdays and Sundays, is famous for its cornucopia of locally produced Mayan handicrafts, textiles and other cultural goods.

The travelers then return to Antigua to work on a reforestation project before traveling to Tikal via Guatemala City to visit the pyramid ruins. The day trip in Tikal includes a hike though the surrounding jungle en route to the ruins themselves. The remainder of the day is spent exploring the pyramids before trekking back and returning to Guatemala City. The group will have one final dinner together in Guatemala City before returning to the United States the following day.

In total, the experience will cover three time zones, nine different destinations and roughly 5,761 miles, all in eight days.


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