Self-Profile, Christina Ygoña

May 28, 2010

“The most important contribution any of us can make now is not to solve any particular problem, no matter how urgent energy or environment or financial regulation is. What we must do now is increase the proportion of humans who know that they can cause change.”

—Bill Drayton, Ashoka Founder

I recently attended a post-trip retreat gathering for the group of GV participants who went on the trip to Guatemala last April. There was a time for each participant to share a story from the trip which I am safe to assume represented only a sliver of what they got out of their experience. Not surprisingly, but nonetheless moving, there were many stories of personal transformation and connection. I saw a little bit of myself in each of those stories, given my experiences in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps Volunteer and in a multicultural upbringing as a Filipino-American. For me, the story-sharing was also a moment for me to reflect and remind myself that youth can be genuine change makers in this world.

It is my honor to support current and future change makers as the Development and Executive Assistant at GV. In this position, I am excited about new opportunities for GV, such as creating the first-ever alumni network, establishing and expanding corporate partnerships, streamlining processes for grants and contributions, and supporting new communication initiatives (like the e-newsletter!).

Outside of GV, some activities I enjoy include attempting to cook and bake, laughing out loud while reading David Sedaris, getting my exercise via indoor volleyball and salsa dancing, and exploring the beautiful outdoors the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Looking at the short time since joining GV in April, I have learned how fortunate I am to be in a community comprised of truly amazing people: students, parents, donors, volunteers, interns, Board Members, and staff. I see each member of this community like a keystone as each one’s contribution is an essential supporting element to the whole in advancing the mission of GV. I look forward to the opportunity to meet each one of you and for the possibilities we will create together.


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