Personal Stories: A Beginning for Inspired Leadership

By Christopher Fontana

I have been afraid all my life. Have you ever stopped yourself from doing the right thing because you were afraid of what others might think-or because of how others might judge you? I have done that my entire life. This may surprise you if you know me as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Global Visionaries. This is my story and I share it because our personal stories can serve to inspire others to create the life they want.

Imagine: all of my life, I have never believed that I would ever truly be the strong leader I have wanted to be.  I have been a bundle of shame and embarrassment waiting to happen. I was born the baby of the family; surrounded by big people, I never thought that I actually would be “big”.  As a boy, I wanted so badly to take a stand for justice, but was resigned to only dream about it. In spite of how much I love my three older brothers, I have competed against them in an effort to outdo them.  I have played small. I have never taken full responsibility for who I am or the life I have created.

Recently, I completed the first year of professional coaching which culminated in a three day transformational leadership seminar. What I have learned is that I actually can be the visionary leader I have dreamed I could be and that I can have the strong voice I have always been committed to having. It is remarkable, I suppose, that Global Visionaries accomplished all that we have in spite of its leader constantly overcompensating for his fear of not being enough.  But, as we know, fear can only motivate for so long and for so far.

I have stopped pretending that I cannot be a powerful leader. Now, I am excited to be a part of the Global Visionaries community and all we will accomplish for the world.  My contribution will be to stand for visionary leadership, youth empowerment, integrity, and unconditional love. Imagine if our young leaders could stop being afraid of what others think? Imagine if they could take a stand for justice and for the health of our natural environment without concern about being judged by their peers? I have stopped imagining and started working to create such a future. I invite you to share your personal story with our young leaders about a fear that held you back. In doing so, we commit ourselves to transforming our community. How fun will that be!  Please write us with your story for our next newsletter.

Thank you for supporting our brilliant young leaders at Global Visionaries.


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