Meet Sophia Gardner

Sophia’s journey with Global Visionaries commenced through a volunteer program. Inspired by GV’s mission to incorporate global experiential learning, sound environmental practices and social justice to inspire active leadership in youth, she is excited to be serving as Assistant Program Manager.
Sophia prefers to live life by radiating joy and optimism.  Her outlook is critically positive: the world is a wonderful place- but it can only be made better by cultivating meaningful relationships and forming connections across all boundaries- spatial and otherwise.
Sophia found at an early age that music truly aids in the “rhythm of life” and her enthusiasm for singing introduced her to a love of travel- by touring with her choir around the world.  Since, she has been abroad several times, most recently spending autumn of 2009 in Europe. Sophia loves Lindy Hop and swing dancing, discovering new music and hearing it manifest live, cooking and baking, hiking, and listening to people’s life stories. Sophia holds a BA in Environmental Studies and French from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. Freshly transplanted to Seattle from Minneapolis, MN, Sophia is thrilled to be joining the GV team.

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