Meet Jan Slack, GV’s new Development & Executive Assistant

Jan Slack standing next to one of her mother's artworks at The Kenney in Seattle.

Written by Jan Slack

I am excited and honored to be a part of the Global Visionaries family as their new Development & Executive Assistant. This position offers me a wonderful opportunity to help streamline many of our fundraising practices, increase the consistent use of Saleforce within the entire organization and lighten Chris’s load.

Since earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Illinois, I have gained a wide range of experiences in and out of the nonprofit field.

My background includes working with adjudicated youths, teaching pottery, founding and running a yoga studio, video recording legal procedures, office management and creating and coordinating fundraising projects. The common theme running through my experience has always been being open to diversity and finding ways to enjoy working with any group of people.

In my brief time so far at GV I have been struck by the openness, optimism, care, and dedication of the staff, board, interns, students and their parents. Because of the ongoing growth and development of the organization, I’ve witnessed how change is usually handled with grace, ease and a sense of humor. This ability to be strong and flexible is a wonderful reflection of the basic principals that GV stands for – leadership and sustainability.

I enjoy yoga, meditation and Qigong as ways to keep me healthy and centered. Walking, hiking and camping in the great Northwest are also favorite pastimes of mine. As an artist I express my creativity through clay and mixed media and use this creative process to stretch my imagination.

I love to travel and have had the great fortune of visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and many countries in Europe. From my travels I’ve learned to live a conscious life where one must welcome change and embrace the responsibilities that come with free choice. 

I look forward to contributing to the good work that Global Visionaries continues to do in our world.


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