Explore Beautiful Guatemala Through Global Visionaries

Participants of the Adult Trip can visit gorgeous Mayan ruins such as these in Tikal, Guatemala.

Global Visionaries now offers an exciting and informative tour of Guatemala for adult participants.

Widely respected for its student leadership programs, GV has partnered with well-known travel expert Rick Steves to create a tour of Guatemala that combines world class sightseeing with serious study of this beautiful country.

Travelers of this trip will enjoy the sensational beauty of this often forgotten nation that touches the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean and boasts such breathtaking sites like volcanoes, jungles, lakes, Indian villages, and world class Mayan ruins.

Trip leaders will make sure every participant gets their hands dirty as they discover the realities of life in Guatemala by meeting survivors of the 35 year long civil war, visiting a woman’s weaving cooperative, having lunch with children of parents who make a living scavenging from a massive city dump, picking beans at a coffee farm and learning firsthand about how GV’s programs help these causes.

Other highlights of this trip include walking the cobbled streets of Antigua, visiting Guatemala City’s infamous garbage dump, sojourning to a rural school built by GV in the small village of Segundo Cruz and exploring ancient Mayan temples and pyramids.

The trip runs from March 19 – 27, 2011 and costs about $2,300 for nine days in Guatemala. This price includes all accommodations, admissions, transportation and a majority of meals. Because all proceeds from this tour goes to Global Visionaries, about half of this tour is tax deductible.

To register for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, please send an e-mail to Jan Slack, GV’s Development & Executive Assistant, at janslack@global-visionaries.org. You can also reach the GV office by phone at (206) 322-9448.

For more information, follow this link to the official Global Visionaries website.

The city of Antigua offers travelers an education about the rich and often tragic history of Guatemala.
Find out more about GV's work in reforestation and helping local coffee farmers.

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