The EarthCorps Work Team: An Introduction to an Integral Part of the Seattle Leadership Program

Earthcorps Workteam members pull invasive weeds at Dr. Jose Rizal Park over the MLK weekend. From Left to right: Arianne Lozano, Diaba Kaba and Kelly Pham

Written by Fiona Kuipers

An important component of Global Visionaries’ year-long student leadership program is its continuing partnership with EarthCorps, an environmental nonprofit organization based in Seattle. Together, EarthCorps and GV have been helping to empower youth to be active and conscientious environmental leaders in their communities.

Awareness of environmental issues is higher today than at any other time in recent history. EarthCorps is taking advantage of this opportunity by providing students with a chance to restore threatened areas and teach the younger generation what they have learned.

EarthCorps brings together environmental leaders from all around the world to form an international group of volunteers to work on projects in the Puget Sound region. These volunteers further develop their leadership skills by managing thousands of local volunteers in smaller groups, including students from GV.

EarthCorps members and volunteers contribute more than 100,000 hours of environmental community service every year.

Global Visionaries’ EarthCorps volunteers are taught in depth about environmental issues both globally and closer to home. By making positive changes together as a group, student volunteers are able to realize the impact of these environmental issues by seeing first-hand how they can affect their community.

Last month, the EarthCorps work team cleared an overgrown area of Interlaken Park on Capitol Hill. Brenna Sullivan, a GV participant on the work team, said she’s having a lot of fun contributing to the beautification of her home town.

“I got to know a lot more people [in Global Visionaries] while clearing the ivy and it ended up being a really good accomplishment,” Sullivan said. “We definitely noticed the difference afterwards.”

The skills GV students learn at Culture Nights are further developed when given the opportunity to apply them practically with hands-on service work. GV’s partnership with EarthCorps enables them to experience a particular and important sense of community with opportunities that are not afforded to many of their high school peers.

During the next five months, the GV EarthCorps team will work one Saturday each month to restore parks in the Seattle area.

To get the most recent updates, news, and photos from the EarthCorps work team, you can find it on this blog.

Workteam member, Jill Alverson hanging out with the worms

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