Global Visionaries Earns $11,000 Grant from CFO Foundation

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

John F. Kennedy

Hardworking GV Participants in Guatemala

The CFO Selections Foundation has just awarded a generous grant of $11,000 to Global Visionaries.

The CFO Foundation is a non-profit based in Seattle that is committed to helping improve the lives of children in Washington State. To accomplish its mission, the CFO Foundation provides charitable grants as well as professional consultation to non-profits that foster the “well-being and improvement of children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs” and Global Visionaries does just that. Through leadership trainings GV empowers youth to be environmentally aware and socially conscious leaders in their communities.

This grant will go towards a peer mentoring effort, aimed at supporting low-income and minority participants and increasing their retention in the programs.

The Executive Director, Chris Fontana, expounds on why this is an important cause, “This is ongoing concern for us, because when these students leave our programs in disproportionate numbers, it not only limits the career- and life-skills they could have gained, but also means we lose the perspective – and possible creative solutions – of people who are most impacted by the very social disparities we seek to address.”

Thank you CFO Foundation for your grant which will help fund and further support Global Visionaries ‘ goals of forming our youth into active and effective leaders.


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