Who Says You Can’t Begin Impacting the World While in High School?

The GV Leadership Program teaches students skills, knowledge, and training not available within the walls of most high traditional schools.

Written by Haley Robinson

At the beginning high school last year, I expected academics to control my life. Starting my freshman year at The Bush School, a private high school in Seattle, intimidated me and was very different from the environment in which I had formerly been placed.

I assumed I would occupy moments before class finishing a paper after spending endless hours studying the evening before. However, I found high school to be much different from my initial expectations. Sure, you have to study hard and balance time with friends and family, but high school is not only about those simple things.

During those four years we have to grow and mature as students and realize that we can involve ourselves in a greater way. High school is the perfect opportunity to begin impacting our world. The opportunity to travel to Guatemala this summer through Global Visionaries opens a multitude of doors for my future and has opened my eyes to global awareness.

Through Global Visionaries I am able to help create a healthier, safer world while also achieving something even greater within myself — pride and accomplishment.

High school has given me a sense of academic accomplishment, but being able to learn outside the classroom and participate in community life has empowered me to take action in the world outside of my own private life.


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