The Rodnita Movement: A GV Student’s Vision of Peace

Garfield High School student and GV participant Rodnita Alexander has a challenge for each and every one of us:

Spread the peace.

Rodnita has taken GV’s mission to heart and wants to create a more compassionate world one person at a time.

So what is the Rodnita Movement?

“In the beginning I had no idea this program would be so powerful. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Participating in GV has made me want to create the Rodnita Movement,” Rodnita said.

Rodnita was one of two speakers at the 2011 Winter Dinner fundraiser that ended up raising $7,000 for the Spring Trip.

“My movement would display multi-cultural peace,” she says. 

Rodnita encourages all of us to embody social justice with these personal challenges:

  • Being accepting of other cultures
  • Giving to those who are less fortunate
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out to all people
  • Using your voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves

Rodnita says it all began after she got to know her fellow GV students. Throughout her life she had become used to being let down by people, which made her skeptical of trusting others.

But after attending GV’s Culture Nights and the student retreat, she began to feel more comfortable with her peers. Not having a cell phone or iPod to hide behind at the retreat “forced us to talk to each other and get out of our comfort zones,” Rodnita recalls.

By having real and in-depth conversations with each other, a culture of trust was established between the GV students. This experience gave Rodnita a whole new perspective.

She is excited about moving forward with her inspirational movement.

“I want to change lives in Guatemala, here in Washington and to spread it throughout the world. Take the Rodnita Movement abroad,” Rodnita said.

How can you remain indifferent by this young leader’s ambition to change the world through a message of peace?

We can all learn from her desire to create a more compassionate world. You can do your part immediately by spreading the Rodnita Movement today.

Photos courtesy of Kathleen Wareham.


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