Distinguished Peace Diplomats Visit GV in Guatemala

Fontana, Zahn, and McDermott at Construction Site in Santiago Zamora

Mark McDermott (brother of U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott) and Diane Zahn, two accomplished and very well-respected human rights activists, visited Global Visionaries during our recent spring trip to Guatemala.

Mark, who currently serves as the regional representative for the U.S. Secretary of Labor, and his wife, Diane, were highly impressed with the depth of the work that Global Visionaries is doing.

The couple played an active role in this year’s trip, which proved to be a priceless addition to the student experience. Mark and Diane took the time to visit our school construction site in Santiago Zamora, as well as the Coffee work team.  In addition, they participated in the group viewing and discussion of “When Mountains Tremble”, a documentary based on the Guatemalan Civil War.  They encouraged conversation and made it a point to hear the stories and experiences of both Guatemalan and U.S. youth.

The insight that they provided was invaluable to the trip and we cannot thank them enough for their participation.

Mark and Diane will be joining Global Visionaries at the 2011 Fiesta de Guatemala Auction in further support of our programs.


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