Spring Trip Participants Lay the Foundation for a New School

Global Visionaries is thrilled to be contributing to the construction of a much needed new school in Santiago Zamora, Guatemala.

Currently, the local children have to walk over a mile to the nearest school, if they are allowed to attend. Many parents refuse to send their children in fear of their safety. The new school will provide immeasurable change.

GV is working in collaboration with the municipality and community of this village, which is a sub-division of Sandra Ordonez’s hometown, Santiago Aguas Calientes.

This year’s spring trip participants paved the way for the upcoming summer trips through their hard work and passion for change. On the first day of work, Mayor Carlos Augusto Hernandez Lopez greeted more than twenty parents and youth from Santiago Zamora along with the GV Construction Work Team (comprised of 15 Guatemalan and 15 U.S. teenagers from GV). Together, we broke ground and were able to lay the first part of the foundation by the last day of work.

GV youth and community members worked tirelessly for two weeks removing concrete and volcanic rock to then dig the ditches for the school’s foundation. They built the rebar columns and foundational structures by hand; bending, sawing, and tying rebar together all under the direction of the Guatemalan Municipal Construction Managers.

GV always pays for half the cost of each project and the community pays for the other half.

On the last day of construction, Global Visionaries, along with community members and future students, celebrated together with refreshments, thank you speeches and some practical jokes. School Principal Ronald Roduel Perez Garcia was among the many speakers expressing their gratitude.

Chris Fontana, GV’s Executive Director, ended up eating a jalapeño sandwich (although unintentionally) and many people wound up soaking wet. Well deserved fun after the two weeks of hard work!

The community volunteers will continue building for the next six weeks between the GV spring trip that just completed and the summer trips. We will keep you posted as the construction continues.


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