Invitation to Attend Planning Session for Food Forest on Beacon Hill

Hello Food Foresters,

This is an open invitation to participate in the first of three community design meetings for the Beacon Food Forest. Everyone is welcome. The success of this project is dependent on community involvement so we really hope you can find time to attend.

When: Tuesday June 7th starting 6:30 pm.

Where: The Garden House, 2336 15th Ave S. (and Bayview) Beacon Hill.

Dinner and snacks provided by the Friends of the Beacon Food Forest.

There is an outside play area for children.

Translators are available by calling Glenn Herlihy no later than May 31st (one week before June 7th). (206)329-7626

What are we going to do?

We are going to start the creation of a schematic design for a food forest on Beacon Hill.


All you need to do is bring your garden interests, ideas, wishes and dreams to share. The Friends of the Beacon Food Forest and the Harrison Design Group will facilitate the party to gather our community’s input. We will ask questions like… What do you want to grow? How would you like to see it laid out? What is important to have in a community garden?  Answers to these and other questions are what we are looking to collect, compile and evolve into a community-run food forest.

Also if you have any other questions about this project or food security policy on public lands this would be a great opportunity to get some answers. And as a reminder this is a permaculture-based project. Throughout the design process we will be explaining permaculture methods and systems that can be applied to our site, our local ecosystem and your backyard. It is our intention to teach by demonstration the wisdom of permaculture methods by growing food and community on public urban land.


We want locally grown food and healthy habitat on secure land. The Beacon Food Forest understands and supports Seattle City Councils resolution #31019 as a great start for Urban Agriculture policies. We hope to use the implementation of a new Beacon Hill Food Forest to:

1.    Increase support of local and regional agriculture and community gardens and make stronger connections between our rural and urban areas.

2.     Improve public health by providing increased access to healthy, culturally appropriate, and locally and regionally grown foods, especially for low-income households.

3.     Reduce climate impacts of our food system

4.     Improve the security of our local food supply in the event that a major disaster was to occur.

5.     Reduce negative environmental effects relating to the food system including minimizing energy use and reducing food waste.

6.     Create local economic opportunities related to local food production, processing, distribution, and waste management.

7.     Support strategies to connect major institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and jails, to locally grown food.

8.     Build community through developing community gardens, promoting farmers’ markets, involving immigrants, and developing communities.

Hope you can help make it happen,

Friends of the Beacon Food Forest

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