Artivist Film Festival to take place July 8-10

On July 8-10, the Northwest Film Forum will host the Eighth Annual Artivist Film Festival, dedicated to “raising awareness for humanity, animals, and the environment through international film.”  The event, which will take place in eight U.S. cities, “is a unique showcase of films exploring socially active themes, including human and animal rights, sustainability and environmental conservation, child advocacy and coping with terrorism,” said Artivist Co-Producer, Mike Hines. 

Since its inception in 2003, Artivist has screened 400+ films representing more than 60 countries, and has produced film festival tours in Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Lisbon, that have reached more than 35 million people.

The Seattle edition of Artivist Film Festival is part of a nationwide expansion of its screenings program to six cities in the U.S., beyond its traditional annual programs in Los Angeles and New York.

Among the films presented at the Artivist Film Festival over the years have been Academy Award winner “Born Into Brothels” and Academy Award nominee “Super-Size Me” as well as the Los Angeles Premiere of critically-acclaimed documentaries “God Sleeps In Rwanda,” “Fast Food Nation,” “ Emmanuelle’s Gift,” “Zeitgeist,” “Trudell,” “Stolen Childhoods”, and “Regeneration”.

All of the films at the upcoming event, with the exception of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Free Screening), will be first run films. 

For more information about the festival, visit To view a complete film schedule and obtain free tickets, click here.

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