Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG Challenge Raises $3800

On Thursday, June 23, the Seattle Foundation helped raise over $4 million for local nonprofits through their online giving event, GiveBIG.  The fundraiser is being called the “biggest single day of charitable giving in King County history.” More than $3.5 million was donated by 18, 800 contributors.

A “stretch pool” of an additional $500,000 was provided by GiveBIG partners, bringing the total amount raised to more than $4 million. The stretch pool was then distributed among all of the approximately 900 nonprofits that received during GiveBIG. Each nonprofit received a portion of the stretch pool according to the percentage it received of the total amount of GiveBIG donations.

“GiveBIG proved that King County residents are both generous and dedicated to improving their communities,” said Norman Rice, president and CEO of the Seattle Foundation. “This event represents the democratization of philanthropy, in which everyone can make a difference in the world around them.”

We at Global Visionaries are proud to announce that 27 generous donors contributed a total of $3,369 to our organization through the GiveBIG Challenge.  Our total donations reached $3857 after receiving a share of the “stretch pool.” We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our contributors, whose generosity will help fund scholarships for our many low-income participants.

For more information about the event and the resulting numbers, click here.

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