Book Review: Breakfast at Sally’s

Written by Christina Lorella

Wow, what a book! This inspirational story of a businessman’s descent to homelessness is sure to spark your emotions, especially in a time of such economic crisis. Even better, the book is a true story, based on the accounts of  Richard LeMieux, a Bremerton man who literally went from riches to rags.

Lemieux was a successful businessman with a life that most people would envy. He and his family lived in a beautiful home on the beach, drove luxury cars, owned a boat; he was living the American dream. Until suddenly, after a series of bad business deals, his life began to deteriorate. Lemieux was evicted from his home, his family left him, and he lost all of his material possessions.  These sudden and unexpected life changes left Lemieux living in a van on the streets of Bremerton with his dog, Willow, the only friend that stayed loyal to him despite his downfall.

However, despite the negative turn of events in the beginning of the book, LeMieux’s story is actually quite uplifting.  Throughout his journey, he encounters several very influential people who not only served as companions, but inspired LeMieux to become a better, more aware individual. As the adventure unfolds, the book challenges the reader to take a  closer look at homelessness and develop a more compassionate outlook towards others.

Perhaps most intriguing, however, is the inclination that this situation could happen to anyone. It forces readers to open their minds and to understand that losing everything isn’t such a far off notion. It is a sobering reminder to not only be more conscious, but to also give back to those in need…and not just for a tax write-off.


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