Seattle Repertory tickets available through GV

Picture by Lorenzo Pisoni

September 30 marks a seven year partnership between GV and the Seattle Repertory Theatre. To celebrate this anniversary a limited amount of tickets will be available for purchase through GV; featuring five plays hosted by the Seattle Repertory Theatre. All proceeds will be directed to the GV scholarship fund.

The first show, Humor Abuse, recounts the childhood of Lorenzo Pisoni, a man who grew up dreaming of running away from the circus. Tickets are available for showings on the first and second of October at 7:30pm. A massive discount is offered, costs going as low as $10 for adults and $5 for students.

Subsequent shows that are available through GV are:

Sylvia November 12th – November 15th 2011

How to Write a New Book for the Bible January 14th –January 17th 2012

Red February 25th – February 28th 2012

Clybourne Park April 21th– April 24th 2012

For inquiries and to purchase tickets please e-mail the GV office manager at For more information on this play and other upcoming plays please click here.

More details about the shows and tickets forthcoming.


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