Educational Prospects are Growing in Guatemala

For Generations, the youth of Santiago Zamora, a small mountainous town near Antiqua, have been faced with a lack of educational options. The only school in Santiago Zamora is heavily overcrowded and unable to provide an education for many of the local youth.

Fortunately with the help of the local community and Global Visionaries there is a brand new school that is being built for the children in Santiago Zamora!  Two new classrooms and an administration office are due for completion in early 2012. The work of everyone involved will give children the chance for a brighter future.

Santiago Zamora is a mountain community inhabited by people that cannot afford to live in the more valuable flat lands. It is growing quickly due to the growth of the many coffee plantations in the region; however there is not steady infrastructure to support this growth.

The team whose construction work made this school a reality includes GV students from this past year’s construction work team, a crew of Guatemalan foremen and members of the local populace that are involved in the school— such as current and future teachers, mothers of the local youth and even some of the students who will be attending the school. Their efforts have laid the foundation of the school, raised the walls and prepared the interior for educational purposes.

 Unfortunately, there are far too many children who need an education than the school can support. GV continues to add rooms to the school but the demand is still high. Global Visionaries will be identifying a new site to break ground for the 2012 trips in order to continue partnering with the community to provide new opportunities to young people.


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