Billy Lopez coming to Seattle! Seeking Home Stay

We are excited to announce that Billy Lopez, Global Visionaries Guatemalan Junior Leader, is coming to the United States at the end of November for six months of training in Seattle pending receiving a VISA from the U.S. embassy.

If you are interested in hosting Billy, please contact GV Program Manager, Reagan Jackson at (206) 322-9448 or  Reagan will send you more details to enable you to consider if it would work for your family and home. One of strategic goals is to increase the number of Guatemalan youth we serve and the depth of the programming we provide.  

To this end, GV applied for non-profit status in Guatemala and is awaiting word from the Guatemalan government, hired five other Guatemalan Junior Leaders to increase our capacity to provide leadership training for Guatemalan youth, and is bringing those leaders, including Sandra Ordoñez last year and Billy this year, to the U.S. for training.

Billy started with GV as a volunteer his senior year in high school at ITE (Instituto Técnico Emresarial) in 2007. GV hired Billy as one of the first Junior Leaders.  Billy is in his fourth year at the Universidad Mariano Gálvez la facultad de Ciencias Económicas earning his degree in accounting. He will suspend his studies so that he can get GV training in the U.S. Billy has continued to take on more leadership capacity each year at GV.  This exchange is part of a larger strategic effort as GV continues to shift responsibility and ownership of programs and organizational leadership to youth.

Billy commented on his GV experience: “I have learned that is much more than an adventure; it is important societal work that both supports underserved Guatemalan communities and fills me with satisfaction when I see the dreams and achievements of the people and youth we serve and collaborate with.”

GV participants and staff think highly of Billy. Mario Flores commented: “Billy has shown a great deal of maturity and growth in the past year and is ready to take on this new level of leadership. Billy has the ability to understand the big picture immediately and understands the impact that his actions have on the community. He is a quick learn.”


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