Support GV Youth Board Leaders as they support the Dream Act

The three day National Immigrant Integration Conference– Building a Stronger Democracy: A New Decade for Immigrant Integration will be in Seattle Oct 24-26 featuring more than 200 speakers sharing on best practices in the U.S. and abroad on all issues regarding Immigrant integration!  The topics of the sessions include health, youth and education, civic engagement and policy.

Global Visionaries would like to send four Youth Board Leaders to learn how to effectively advocate for immigrant rights. The cost for each participant is $175. If you would like to support a  youth board leader, please consider a restricted donation to GV to support our youth as they learn how to advocate for human rights. Eleven states have ratified the Dream Act so far with Rhode Island being one of the most recent. Only 39 states to go!

Participants will learn how education policy and organization can support immigrant integration strategies in local communities:
– how support for teachers and parents can make a difference in the life outcomes for immigrant children
– how to design early education strategies to improve the future outcomes for immigrant children and their  families
– how youth and immigrant rights organizations are strategizing about increasing access to higher education for immigrant youth.

Please support a Youth Board student to attend this important conference!


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