Occupy Wall St, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Together

Occupy Seattle protestors at Westlake occupyseattle.org

Guest article By: Andrew Green , Global Visionaries student, youth board member, and employee: 2005-2009

(Andrew requested that we include his piece without editing)

Thousands upon thousands of humans are marching, protesting, and occupying their own public space in hundreds of cities around the U.S. and the world. The numbers double, triple, even grow exponentially — daily. The biggest unions in the country have lent their endorsements and support. Hundreds of schools and universities have had thousands of students walk out their doors. Our social and economic systems are broken, and our environmental systems were never fixed in the first place (during our lifetimes). If you haven’t yet heard any demands its because the people are done demanding that someone else fix our problems. We are fixing them ourselves. Just take a step into the democracy, equality and sustainability that is an #occupywallstreet encampment and you can see it for yourself. The fists of power are indeed clenching tighter as they see their grasp slip. This induces much fear from on high and fear inspires violence, which we have been shown a lot of. But fear is also the first sign of change. It is time to join the movement that this is. It is my movement, it is your movement, and it is the movement of everyone who ever wanted their opinion to matter, their voice to be heard, their world to work a little better. This is horizontal organization. This is true democracy in action. So, as MLK asked us in a past time of great change, “Let freedom ring!” from every hill and every molehill, from every mountainside and every mountaintop, from every state and every city, let it ring. And let ring the people’s chant: “We are the 99%. And so are YOU!”  Join us at Westlake Center in Seattle. Join us in New York, in DC, San Francisco, Austin, LA, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, Portland. Join us wherever you are. THIS IS OUR TIME, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, AND GREAT CHANGE WILL COME!

Footage that I shot Wednesday of #occupyseattle activist arrests at Westlake Center in Seattle made it onto international news coverage of #occupywallstreet on http://www.democracynow.org/shows/2011/10/6. For excellent coverage of the growing movement please take a look. If you are interested in more articles follow the links below:
also see: occupywallst.org and http://occupyseattle.org/
my facebook which I post news and updates to regularly is Andy Roo


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