GV Alumni Living in China

Written by Natasha Komen, ’06-’07

At the end of my junior year, June 2007 I traveled to Guatemala for two weeks with GV.

I can honestly say it shifted my world perspective and opened my eyes to the world. The GV program helped me see more than just me, my family and my country. From there I was hooked on traveling, learning new languages and meeting new people from other cultures.

Since that short two week cultural immersion experience four years ago, I have traveled to nine countries and spent at least 16 months abroad. I am currently living in China where I am  learning Chinese and meeting the wonderful people of this country.

I still love the States and the people there but I can definitely say I care about more than just my life.  My goal is to study sociology and psychology in order to transform people’s lives for the better as well as to continue to travel and learn about others’ lives. Who knows? maybe after I learn Chinese I’ll learn another language.


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