GV Alumni Returns to Guatemala

Written by Paul Iano

Things are strange when returning to a country with an experience as unique as Guatemala and Global Visionaries.

In fact, the strangest and most interesting part has been the vast differences between GV’s immersion based curriculum and living in a volunteer capacity. The differences come from both a language barrier and my awareness of cultural perception.

Firstly, I only now appreciate how the structure of GV’s trips strip away the very real distance between gringos and Guatemalans due to language. That structure allows real friendships to blossom very quickly, something that takes much more time and patience between people not involved in GV’s program.

Secondly, I had no idea how much awareness I had learned about how I am perceived by other cultures. After seeing other westerners in Antigua and a mission group here in Itzapa I am incredibly grateful to  Global Visionaries for preparing me to come back to Guatemala and interact with people with humilty and equality basis which will be incredibly valuable everywhere I go in the future.

The best type of personal changes are those that are only realized much later, and I truly believe Global Visionaries fosters that type of change.


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