New Executive Assistant at GV

My name is Kristin Anderson.  I am the new Executive Assistant at Global Visionaries.  I found my way to Global Visionaries in a sort of remarkable way. 

I spent the majority of my career in the restaurant/hospitality industry finishing my career at Starbucks Coffee Company.  I spent 14 years at Starbucks– seven of those years being a part of the retail leadership team.  I moved to Seattle in 2002 to work on the Corporate Social Responsibility Team.  I was honored to work on many amazing projects but perhaps the most exciting was helping Starbucks shape their employee and customer volunteer engagement strategy.  Most of those projects involved connecting employees and customers with coffee farmers in coffee growing regions.   Working on that team I became more immersed in my already growing desire to help a large corporation to be a better social and environmental steward of the planet. 

In 2009 a career transition gave me the opportunity to think about what was behind me, what was ahead of me and what was important for me in my next career.  I knew early on in my re-invention plan that I really wanted to take the skills that I learned in the corporate world and apply them in the non-profit world. 

This job search was about finding the RIGHT job not A job.  It was about finding a stable organization and an excellent cause but it was mostly about finding a leader that I could learn from.  I found that in Chris and GV.  GV’s mission of empowering youth is powerful.  It’s the type of a program that I wish more youth had access to.  I am honored to be here moving my career forward in a way that is meaningful to me. 

I am a passionate outdoors woman; I love to hike, camp, backpack and ski. I am incredibly passionate about my yoga practice and find that anytime I step on my mat I am making a powerful connection with myself and the world around me.   I’ve also backpacked in many amazing places. If I had it my way I’d spend more nights in a sleeping bag and less nights in a bed.


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