GV Educates about Systematic Oppression

Pro-justice is a group of 11 Youth Board students who focus on social justice.

Youth Board is the second year program at Global Visionaries. These students facilitate the first year program.

Pro-justice is an opportunity for GV participants to take a deeper look into the social justice issues that were discussed in the first year leadership program.

Pro-Justice Youth Board members educate and train the first year participants. They do this by facilitating the anti-oppression workshop which takes place at the pre-trip retreat and the Pro-Justice culture night which takes place in January.

The topics that are focused on are racism, sexism, classism, ageism, able-bodyism, imperialism and environmental justice. Each topic is focused on for two weeks. Those isms are broken down to understand the large scale problems. For example, sexism is not just inequality at work but unequal opportunities.

 According to Josef Turecek, Pro-Justice coordinator, teaching youth about oppression is important because these isms affect every aspect of a person’s life.

“Pro-Justice is about navigating the world,” Josef said.

We can’t separate ourselves from systematic oppression, Josef said. Looking at these injustices is the core of GV.

The curriculum that Pro-Justice uses was written by Josef Turecek and has evolved in the past 3 years that Josef has been working with Youth Board.


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