Come to the Table

By Youth Board Leader, Tessa Thorsen

We are excited to announce a unique fundraising event and opportunity which does not your fit into your traditional non-profit fundraising experience. On the evening of Saturday, March 3, we will host 22 dinners across Seattle. This is a really good chance for the GV Youth Board to be in a leadership role with adults and to reach out to expand the GV community. We Youth Board are excited to share our experiences with a new community of supporters what we have been able to accomplish in GV in Seattle and Guatemala.

We will raise money for scholarships for lo w-income students both in Guatemala and in the U.S. who would not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in GV. This is a much more personal event because we are inviting people into our homes, cooking them a nice meal, and sharing our personal experiences. We will be the head chefs and the adults—employees of 110 Consulting with whom we are partnering–will be the sous chefs. We youth are in charge of the entire evening.  During the meal we will facilitate a conversation about the mission and work of GV and specifically about hope. There will be 22 parties going on simultaneously all over Seattle so we hope to raise $22,000. If you would like more information about the Come to the Table  campaign, contact GV’s Executive Director Chris Fontana, .

This year we are piloting the Come to the Table  campaign and plan on scaling it way up next year. We will open up the opportunity for other supporters—alumni, parents and donors–to host their own Come to the Table  dinners in their homes.


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