Trip Participant Mentorship Dinner

Written by Theresa Edwards, GV student intern

Just after 7 pm on Wednesday, November 30, the cafeteria of El Centro was buzzing with the energy of empowered and excited youth. The fall mentorship dinner brought together several dozen current Global Visionaries participants and their GV alumni high schoolers, who have been to Guatemala in the past. After a brief introduction, everyone munched on burritos, rice and beans and chips as they chatted and got to know each other.

Through talking with their mentors, the current participants learned more about all three work teams in Guatemala. Anxious questions were met with the reassuring words of past travelers. Current students also received some good packing tips and suggestions about what to expect while on the trip. GV alumni discussed the joys and challenges of their experiences in Guatemala and shared some of their favorite memories.

The mentorship dinner was a great success in bringing together past and current GV participants to prepare for the 2012 spring and summer programs in Guatemala. To find out more about the mentorship program at GV, please contact Reagan Jackson.

Note from Chris Fontana, Global Visionaries Executive Director:

We are grateful and happy to announce that the CFOs Foundation supported the creation of our mentorship program for first year participants. Two years ago, Youth Board leaders determined that first year participants would greatly benefit from mentorship by Youth Board Leaders and invested time and energy into creating the program. Youth Board Leaders, Mimi Jaffe and Ian Greer, gave an outstanding professional presentation to the CFOs Board on the progress the Youth Board has made over the past two years. It was a great opportunity for our Youth Board Leaders to participate fully in core activities of fund development.


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