The GV Blog is Up for a Fascination Award!

Exciting news! The GV blog has been nominated for a 2012 Fascination Award for Digital Dumping: An Inside Look at E-Waste by Christina Lorella.

Read the article here.

See below from the contest website explaining why we’ve been nominated.

What are The Fascination Awards?

It’s no secret that there’s a ton of junk and noise on the web. The goal of the Fascination Awards is to make it easier to find truly great content by compiling the utmost intriguing content into a single place.

We seek out blogs that are truly fascinating; blogs that excite, motivate, and inspire their audience. The Fascination Awards serves to recognize these blogs, reward them, and honor them on the Accelerated Degree website.

Fascinating content is best quantified by the physical and emotional reaction that it instills in its audience rather than particular traits of the content. Put simply, fascinating content:

  • Inspires its audience.
  • Creates conversation around the topic.
  • Creates a strong emotional reaction (positive or negative)
  • Gets shared both online and off.

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