Winter Dinner: We came, We Ate, We Raised $9,000

By Reagan Jackson

8 years ago, Bill Taylor, father of former GV participant Sarah, offered to host a dinner to help GV participants raise money to subsidize the cost of their trip to Guatemala.  Since then, Chef Taylor and the staff of the Talaris Conference Center have generously continued to donate their space and time to help other Spring Program participants to fundraise.

On Saturday, February 11, Chef Taylor and the Talaris Center hosted GV students once more, this time for a sold-out Winter Dinner.  Gordy and Zoe Ryan, along with their cohort of drummers provided live music inspired by the Nigerian legend Babatunde Olatunji.  Many dinner guests, including 88 year-old Jordan Cohen, were moved to dance.  Cohen was so inspired, he later gave an impromptu speech lamenting that “as a veteran of WWI, we thought that that war would be the last and yet it wasn’t.” He went on to say that organizations like GV are the only way to ensure a healthy future.  After a rousing raffle and a highly competitive dessert dash featuring some irresistible looking cupcakes, participants raised just under $9,000 . The funds will be equally distributed among each of the 20 Spring Program participants who helped to coordinate the event.

Each Winter Dinner is a little different.  Each cohort selects a theme, music and decorations.  Yet, the result is the same. The GV community grows a little and a new set of students and their families learn that when people choose to make a positive change in their communities, their communities will rise to the occasion and support them.  Winter Dinner began as the contribution of one parent and has since helped almost 170 Seattle teenagers make their way to Guatemala.

At Global Visionaries, we believe that everyone who wants to be a part of the work we do should be able to participate.  Each of us brings to GV our strengths, our passions and all that we are – and that, is what makes us the richly diverse organization that we are.  So, if you have an idea for how to contribute, please contact us at


Some photos from the evening for your enjoyment, courtesy of Haley Neary!


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