Give BIG to Global Visionaries during The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG 2012 Campaign!

On May 2, 2012, from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time), The Seattle Foundation will host its second annual GiveBIG campaign.

Global Visionaries is excited to be a part of this extraordinary event for the second time as it promises to turn out thousands of new and returning individual donors to help support organizations like ours that are doing amazing work right here in King County (and beyond!).

All gifts made on GiveBIG day will be made even larger through a generous “stretch” pool (aka matching funds) that The Seattle Foundation will distribute on a proportional basis.

What does this mean?

If GV raises 5 percent of all donations received through GiveBIG by participating non-profits, then we will get 5 percent of the stretch pool.  The more you give, the more of the stretch pool GV will get.  Last year, every $100 in donations resulted in an additional $14 from the stretch pool, so every gift really does make a difference and results in more money for GV!

As if the stretch pool weren’t enough, did you know that if you donate through GiveBIG on May 2, you could be randomly selected for a Golden Ticket that will give GV an extra $1,000??

The point is: donations and the partial matching funds that GV will receive through GiveBIG will rely largely on the traffic that YOU can help drive to our donation page on The Seattle Foundation’s website.

So here are some actionable steps that you can take today:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook (have your friends and family do the same) and stay tuned for details!
  2. RSVP for the Facebook GiveBIG event so that you will get reminders as May 2nd approaches

Don’t forget! In order for donations to GV to qualify for the partial match:

  • They must be made via GV’s page on The Seattle Foundation’s online Giving Center
  • They must be made on May 2, 2012, between midnight and midnight, Pacific Time

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and help spread the word about GV and GiveBIG!


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