Que Tal? The Photo Blog.

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5 thoughts on “Que Tal? The Photo Blog.”

  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos and inspiring blog posts. In solidarity with GV’s trip to Guate, I am reading “Bitter Fruit” and learning of the atrocities committed during a long reign of terror aided and abetted by misguided US policies that claimed 1000’s of innocent Guatemalan lives. While we may never compensate the people of Guatemala for the ills that occured before please know your goodwill, exchange of labor, ideas and laughter plant the seeds of hope that serve to honor and respect the past while and hopefully leading us all to much brighter future.

  2. These photos are great…they give me a sense of what a wonderful adventure this trip must be! Thanks for your effort, Carol (Lena’s Mom).

    1. You are most welcome, Carol! If you have time, please check out the posts “From the Ground in Guatemala” and “Spring Trip-Reflections from Week 1” as they provide the stories to go along with the pictures. We’re planning on sharing video as well, so keep an eye out for them!

  3. Love the photos! So good to see the GV Spring team and their Guatemalan counterparts working and smiling together. Sending best wishes to all. Keep up the great work.
    Best – Alison (Helen’s Mom)

  4. Thank you for sharing these pictures! It’s wonderful to see what our grandson Porter is seeing. Hi, Porter! Love you! Grandpa Allen and Grandma Nancy

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