2012 EarthCorps Homestays Needed!

EarthCorps is in the process of recruiting homestays for their international participants, who will join the program in early June and finish in mid-December 2012.

  • Be a mentor in a young person’s life
  • Become a part of the EarthCorps global community
  • Build a global, travel network
  • Receive a monthly stipend
  • Expand your horizons through cultural diversity, immersion, exposure, and perspective

Oscar Hernandez, a member of the Global Visionaries staff in Guatemala, will be one of the international participants joining EarthCorps for six months.  After EarthCorps, Oscar will undertake an additional internship at the GV office in Seattle.  Please see the interactive flier for information about what the hosting experience is like, a slideshow that gives you a sense of the international participant’s experience and most important perhaps, a link to the EarthCorps website page where you can read specific short bios on the individuals who are coming.  Please note that homestays need to be within a 45 minute bus commute of EarthCorps office in Magnuson Park.

Please contact Su Thieda, EarthCorps’ Program Director for more information at (206) 391-3640 or su@earthcorps.org.

Participant Spotlight: OSCAR GARCIA

Espresso de Esperanza and Global Visionaries

Hola!  My name is Oscar Garcia.  Seven years ago, a group of friends and I (one of whom is now my wife) set off in pursuit of our dream of creating a company.  Of the many options we looked at, we decided to sell coffee as it is a product that is locally produced in Antigua, Guatemala.  Also, the coffee produced in this region is very high-quality and well-known in many countries across the globe.  In collaboration with local farmers and amazing support from an American from Minnesota (who helped us get our clients and believed in us), we were able to make our first shipment abroad of a little over 500 pounds of coffee.  In the beginning, we sold coffee to GV participants when they came down to Guatemala.  In time, we founded Espresso de Esperanza, Inc. and today, we’re able to export coffee almost anywhere in the world.

Shortly after Espresso de Esperanza was created, I joined the staff of GV and increasingly worked with groups of students coming to Guatemala.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to make many friends both abroad and at home, work with farmers in our villages to produce and harvest coffee, construct classrooms to improve educational access and improve our environment through the reforestation of many areas that faced depletion.  Through EarthCorps, I now have the opportunity to learn more about caring for the environment and gain other experiences that I will take with me upon my return to Guatemala.


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