¡Por fin! – Teacher Katie Wallace Weighs in on GV & Guatemala

Katie Wallace teaches Spanish at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle and will be one of two area high school teachers who will be leading the Summer Trip (June 27-July 12).  Stay tuned for photos and updates from Guatemala!


¡Por fin! At last I will have the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with GV! I have dreamed of this trip ever since I worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Noah Zeichner’s Spanish classroom at Chief Sealth four years ago. It is hard to believe that three weeks from today I get to travel to Guatemala and serve alongside my own students from Sealth.

Why Guatemala and why GV? I love Spanish – the language and the people who speak it and the cultures in which it is spoken. As a Korean-American adoptee, I often surprise people (including my students and colleagues) with my love and knowledge of the Spanish language. My father is half-Mexican, so Mexican culture has always been a part of my life. My passion for social justice and my love for baseball have been driving forces in my longtime interest in Latin America. I can’t wait to experience Central America!

I love the energy and the grassroots feel of Global Visionaries. Chris is passionate, genuine and serious about his belief in young people’s capacity to learn, lead and love. Watching the students step out of their comfort zones, open their minds and facilitate meaningful dialogue impresses and inspires me.

Being immersed in Guatemalan culture, serving alongside locals and living with a Guatemalan family for two weeks – what an opportunity! This is beyond what we can ever offer within classroom walls during a normal school year. I am most excited about witnessing the participants’ growth as language learners and as human beings.

Encountering cultural differences is beautiful, challenging and rewarding. We are incredibly fortunate to have this experience ahead of us, one that will challenge our views, open our minds and undoubtedly impact the way we live. I look forward to working alongside my students, not just as a teacher, but as an adult participant with just as much to learn. I look forward to the tough questions, the “aha!” moments and the joys that come from building unexpected relationships.


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