Come to the Table: A Unique Fundraiser for GV

Earlier this year, Global Visionaries was proud to present a new and unique fund-raising event for the Global Visionaries community – Come to the Table.  With fund-raising totals in and after receiving positive feedback from the community and participants, the event has been marked as a definite success.

“I feel that the fact that we raised over $10,000 and created stronger relationships between GV, 110 employees, and students are a few successes of the event,” said Sharon Finden, Senior Consultant at 110 Consulting, who helped coordinate the event. “The fundraiser also gave strong leadership opportunities to the students.”

Come to the Table brought together twenty Youth Board leaders and twenty 110 employees, with the organization and planning primarily completed by the students with guidance from the adults.

“I worked with the Youth Board to help plan the event,” Finden said. “Essentially, the Executive Youth Board members planned the whole thing and I helped coordinate the plan and acted as the project manager.”

Even with large responsibilities upon the students, they rose up to the challenge, allowing the event to go off smoothly and without difficulties.

“I really enjoyed working with the youth because they have so much energy and are very optimistic about changing things,” Finden said. “They really take ownership of something when they realize they can make a difference.”

During the dinners, students made presentations about their experiences in Guatemala that left lasting impressions upon attendees.

“Everyone at the dinners seemed to really love the presentations,” Finden remarked. “Everyone that I talked to that hadn’t been involved with GV before was amazed and gave very positive feedback.”

These presentations not only gave insight into what GV does and how these students helped make a difference, but further gave attendees a glimpse into what the entire experience was like, which was a big part of what made the event special.

“I think it was really great that students talked about their trips to Guatemala: what it was like and what they did,” Finden commented. “It was very special and I think a lot of people were surprised by what they heard and the insight into the experience. It was very personal.”

GV Staff and Youth Board leaders believe that reaching over $10,000 marks the event as a definite success and allows GV to start planning to make next year’s Come to the Table event even better.


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