GV Auction 2012 – Video Slideshow!

This video slideshow features photos from Global Visionaries’ Fiesta de Guatemala 2012 fundraiser. Highlights include the Dessert Dash, live and silent auctions and the friendships created amongst the GV community. With over 400 items in the silent auction, 22 items sold in the live auction, as well as a large turnout of guests, staff and students, Fiesta de Guatemala was a definite success this year!

We at GV would like to thank:

  • The parents that helped on the night of the event:
    • Lisa Dennison
    • The Naders
    • Tom Robinson
    • Christi Gelder
  • Everyone that donated desserts for the dessert dash
  • GV 2011-12 Students and parents for all of the procuring they did for the auction and all of the hard work on the day and night of the auction
  • GV Interns for photography, baking desserts, helping out, and generally being COOL!!!
  • GV Staff for being AWESOME!



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