Summer Trip – Student and Staff Poetry

The ember in the night
By Aiden Behar
When you find darkness it seems to consume you.
What is not known that in every dark place there is light to be found.
In even the darkest spot in hell there is light existing if only a whisper it is there.
The light is awaiting to be found and become alive, but it needs you and you need it.
Many of us fail to look and so we may never find.
But know that if you look you will find and that light will forever shine.

Untitled Works:

By Torin Frost
As I write on this paper, it makes me wonder, where will the piece of paper slumber. Will it be recycled and wrote on again, what about my pen? Where will it end? When it runs out of ink in the ocean will it sink, perhaps a weapon in a bar fight, for someone with too much to drink what do you think? Just look at what we have, just to make it easier cut than in half, then divide it by ten and share half with your friend and with all these possessions, what then? Because the men and the women that are currently alive will be long gone by 3025, 1000 years long? Ha to us. But to earth it’ll seem shorter than a trip on the bus, but really have some trust only pause and think. We have so many resources and they are continuing to shrink. Because for every billion people, they’ll be a billion more and I don’t think we realize what we really have in store.

By Julia Shaw
Torrents of water
A zap of electricity
A groan of thunder
The tin rood hums its song
And now it reaches it chorus
Now the final bridge
Now its close verse
Now its lust measure
And the song is over
The rain has stopped

By Roxanne Trager
We only remember the winners
Who came in first, who has the most money
We don’t remember who tried the hardest
Or who overcame the most or who cheered the loudest
We celebrate and revere people who did horrendous things
Columbus. Andrew Jackson and despite knowing their mistakes,
We repeat them.
That’s the definition of crazy.
Doing something over and over again, expecting different results
We ignore what we know
Looking for a quick solution or just trying to pretend what’s happening isn’t
Ignorance won’t make problems go away
Sick people, hungry people, mean people
And just because your bubble hasn’t been popped Doesn’t mean the same is true for others.

By Surita Spigner
The beautiful cell
Our world is an unbalanced ecosystem
Beauty is a glorious mountain, a baby girl
Or bit a large mansion, a pretty woman
Do we stop to help grow a tree, an organization, a child
Or to expand an account, a paycheck or undeserved honors
Can we justify the reforestation of tropical region
Or instead the construction of a strip mall or highway?
Could a lawyer find the innocent innocent
Or the guilty without fault?
Yes to both
But this is not balance
Balance requires positive and negative sides
A yes and a no
An equivalent charge to the struggle global cell
One must say yes to what is right, a seed is planted.
A no to the “empeorando”
The worsening of this beauty
Which is us, our ecosystem, our cell, our mountain, child, tree our organization.
Our global vision.

By Duncan Koontz 
Global Visionaries on a global vision
Working as one for a global mission.

GV circle, shaped like the earth.
Shaping environments by moving dirt.

This is the moment of truth census
Was it, is it past, present, future tenses.

Where have I come
Where will I be

GV, I think it will change me.


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