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Greetings from New GV Intern Noel Chapman

Hello Global Visionaries community!

Noel SmilingMy name is Noel Chapman, and I am GV’s newest Communications & PR Intern.  I am here with a group of students from the Matteo Ricci College in Seattle University.  We are all majoring in the Bachelor of Arts and Humanities for Leadership Studies (long, I know).

“What is that?” you may ask. Well, it’s brand new and one of a few majors of its kind. The BAHL, as we call it, studies leadership theory and philosophy as well as those practical skills that all leaders should have.  This has included classes from Humanistic Foundations for Leadership to Public Speaking.  This major is directly related to accomplishing Seattle University’s goal of “empowering leaders for a just and humane world”, something that complements GV’s mission quite nicely.

One requirement for this major is a local internship during your sophomore year, hence why I am here.  I am so excited to become a part of the GV community and to really learn what it takes for an organization like GV to thrive and grow, while hopefully learning some good office skills along the way.  GV already seems like such a welcoming organization that I cannot wait to delve into the work waiting for me here.

As a Communications & PR Intern, I will be helping with the Global e-Vista, editing the PR Policy, and assisting in any way the Communications & PR Team needs me to.  I was placed in this position because I have an interest in Marketing and am planning on getting a minor in it.

When I am not in school or working with GV, I am most likely trying to balance self-care and my job as a Resident Assistant in one of the dorms at Seattle University (Go Campion 2!).  I love going to any little café in Seattle and hanging out with my friends and residents whenever I get a chance.

In the future, I plan on becoming a lawyer.  This has been my goal for years, and so far, it continues to be.  I am extremely passionate about the topic of human trafficking and would love to work with any of the organizations that are out there fighting it.  This internship experience will provide me, in more ways than one, with some much needed experience and skill-building for my all my future plans.

My internship lasts until the end of Spring Quarter (June 2013), so I will hopefully be spending lots of time here. If you see me in the office, please say hello; I would love to talk to you.



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