Fiesta de Global Visionaries: Igniting Leadership through Community


What is your idea of a global visionary? A leader? A helper? A role model? How about a global thinker – a person leading community building efforts through strong relationships and global citizenship?

A Global Visionary is a young person being the change we all hope to see. 

Global Visionaries is a torch that sparks a fire in all of our youth participants. We ignite their leadership, citizenry and hope for creating better communities for our future.  At GV, we know that each visionary will blaze a trail in their own communities; light fires and empower us all from within.

Keep our leaders’ embers aglow by joining us on May 11, 2013, at the Fiesta de Global Visionaries: Igniting Leadership Through Community, our 12th annual auction and gala. It will be a night to remember as we raise our glasses high, celebrate and cheer on Global Visionaries past, present and future.

Fiesta de Global Visionaries

Igniting Leadership Through Community

Saturday, May 11, 2013

5:30-9 pm

Brockey Center, South Seattle Community College
6000 16th Avenue S.W.
Seattle, WA   98106-1499

Individual tickets are $80.00 – purchase now.


Can’t make it but still want to support GV? Make a gift.


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fantastic items up on the auction block:

  • a walk-on role in the hit show Nashville, filmed in Tennessee
  • dinner in New York with The Moth storyteller and author Dan Kennedy
  • an authentic crew jacket from the Academy Award-winning film Titanic
  • two fantastic tours of Pike Place Market given by a Market insider mom/son duo: one historic tour for adults including gift certificates to Market shops, and one children’s/teenager Market tour/scavenger hunt thanks to one of our own students
  • A white-water rafting adventure with a unique twist: your intense white-water jumps will be captured by the beautiful photography of one of our youth

Parents, Auction Procurers and other Supporters

Thank you to everyone who met the first procurement deadline of January 31st – we’re getting so excited to reveal all the amazing items as May 11th approaches.  This month’s contribution date is Thursday, February 28.

Support our leaders with meeting each deadline by helping them think of how they can turn their skills and talents into sharable experiences.  Can they knit? Would they be willing to teach a children’s knitting class for 12?  Do they want to organize friends to dedicate one day a month for a year to washing someone’s car?  Got a photographer on your hands? How about offering an in-house family portrait session? Perhaps they’d like to contribute the clothing and accessory line they designed and constructed.  Every talent, skill and commitment of time is worth contributing!  We all have a special something and we encourage our youth to channel that special something into a very special experience for our Fiesta attendees!

A Special Request

We’ve got lots of amazing opportunities out of town, and we’re looking for people to donate frequent flyer miles so we can make sure some of these unique items have round trip flights included.  Please let us know if you can help out with frequent flyer mile donations!

Sponsorships and Advertisements

There are other ways to support our students: sponsorships and advertisements.  Do you know a friend who owns a hair salon who’d like to advertise the Fiesta in their store, or would be interested in sponsoring the event in some way? Let us know!  Have an item to donate?  We’d love everything from desserts and hotel stays to frequent flyer miles and spa packages.

We’re also looking for sponsorships and advertisements.  Know a friend who owns a hair salon? Maybe they’d like to help advertise the event in their store – or sponsor the event in some way. Let us know!  Or maybe they’d like to donate an item or service.  We’re looking for everything from desserts and jewelry, to air miles and spa packages. If you can help with these areas, please contact Cynthia Hope at or Jennifer Johnston (procurement)

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Amy Maguire at

Keep the fire alive – come support our Global Visionaries’ creation of a just and sustainable future!


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