Words from Youth: At Home in Guatemala

June 27, 2013

By Eleora, 16 from West Seattle High School and Emily, 16 from Roosevelt High School

Eleora Emily

Here in our home stay family, we have 3 host siblings. It’s crazy how much they remind us of ourselves when we were younger even though they live such different lives.

Our youngest sister Maria Luisa is only 6. She loves princesses and dolls and wants to be a cake critic when she grows up. When she wants something she uses the classic puppy dog eyes. She doesn’t like peppers and only asks for the sugar right after someone else. Our brother Angel is 11 and wants to be the next Lionel Messi. He even can take injuries perfectly. Our 10 year old sister Duke is crazy mature, however, she still knows how to play games and have fun. Altogether, they’re a pretty lively bunch.

On the first night our host parents told us that they want us to feel at home, and that we should ask them for anything we need. Now, it doesn’t feel like Seattle here but it still feels like home.


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