Haley’s Blog – Post 1

This cohort is one of natural leaders. It’s a group of young adults who are willing and able to exceed the expectations of not only the staff and their peers, but also of themselves. Each student is provided the opportunity to be a leader of the day (or “LOD” as we call them at GV). The students set a realistic goal for themselves and their work teams and, throughout the day’s course of events, they strive to accomplish them. We encourage students to take ownership of their words and actions in order to develop a genuine and meaningful leadership experience. We ask them to reflect on their successes once their day finishes. The results of these reflections truly articulate the transformational experience we yearn for students to undergo. Below are a few excerpts from students’ reflections:

“Today I learned that sometimes I underestimate myself.”

“I’m really proud of everyone for keeping such a positive attitude and making sure that everyone feels included. This trip has been a wonderful learning experience that I feel has enriched my life; and for that, I am very grateful.”

“I’ve never been one to make the decisions and the calls to action. In a world where we are always assigning leaders, and some are continuously left out, it’s a whole different environment when everyone has a chance to be a leader — a chance I usually don’t get.”

“I want to be the person I have become on this trip always…I’m so grateful to GV for giving me the opportunity to open up [again] without the fear of being ostracized or scorned. My goal for the day was to ensure that everyone was gaining an appreciation for their culture and effectively and successfully experience and understood the culture. I feel like this goal was, for the most part, accomplished.”



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