Haley’s Blog – Post 2

This immersive experience provokes a number of seemingly unanswerable questions for the students involved. Often, they begin to discuss among their peers, in hopes of clarity or reassurance. However, approaching these daunting questions in this manner doesn’t necessarily allow the student to find satisfactory answers. So, last night, students participated in a five-minute writing exercise where we challenged them to document between five and ten profound questions regarding Guatemalan society and culture that hadn’t yet been answered for them. In each work team, we accumulated more than thirty questions. Ultimately, we narrowed it down to five questions per work team — fifteen questions total — to create a platform for them to begin asking these questions to a variety of resources. The students have committed themselves to utilizing their host families and other Guatemalans to delve deeper and begin to find some answers.

“What is the role of government in daily life?”

“What are the gendered expectations, socially and behaviorally, at home and at work?”

“What role does religion play in the life of the Guatemalan people? How does this differ from the United States?”

“What is the general attitude towards the LGBTQ community?”

“What is the United States-Guatemalan relationship like currently?”



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