Haley’s Blog – Post 3

In the process of documenting the group’s ventures, I interviewed over ten students. I wanted to gain a better sense of the transformation they were experiencing. There was one question I asked, in particular, that seemed to provoke them. I asked, “What is a global visionary?” Their reactions were raw and genuine. It took many students a few moments to process the question, but they each answered to its true essence.

“A global visionary is someone who understands more than their own country; they understand the states and needs of other countries and they understand how they can affect those countries and cultures.”

“A global visionary is someone that doesn’t just look at their own local community or country; they look around the globe and see what they can do to benefit the entire human species.”

“A global visionary is someone who has a bright idea and wants to make the world a better place. Even though they may not have the means to do it, they want to try.”

Today, the students return to the United States. They return not only with a shift in cultural and social perspective, but a sincere understanding of who they are as local and global leaders. Through their immersion, they’ve each become a true global visionary.


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