GV is made possible by you… Thank You!

2014 YBretreat teamSince the organization’s creation, Global Visionaries has seen hundreds, if not thousands of volunteers pass through its doors. In fact, GV is an organization built by the support of volunteers and one that relies on them to keep its programs running smoothly. Volunteers are vital to our organization and we are grateful for each and every one of their generous contributions.

Our volunteer base consists of interns as well as past and present program participants, their families, friends, and community members. Together, these volunteers make up a vast network of generous and passionate people who offer their time, energy, and money to support our organization and further our philanthropic vision.

The wonderful thing about the Global Visionaries community is that no matter what the request, there is always a volunteer ready and willing to step up to the plate. Last year, for example, we were searching for parent volunteers to cook at the Summer cohort’s retreat on Vashon Island. One of the first parents contacted was Charlene, whose son was a first year participant. Although she was unable to attend the retreat herself, she volunteered to prepare dinner for the first night – 55 servings of chili. After hours of shopping for ingredients, chopping vegetables, and mixing everything together, the chili was finally finished. It was then placed in 12 gallon-sized Ziploc bags and delivered to another volunteer’s home. When asked about her volunteer experience, Charlene responded, “It was easy and enjoyable for even a person like me, who prefers to keep my volunteerism “behind the scenes”, to participate in my son’s GV experience. Yes, the chili was able to feed the bodies of my child and others; but making the chili for the GV retreat also fed my soul.”

Charlene was one of many parent volunteers recruited over the last program year to assist with special events and was not actually contacted by a staff member, but an intern. Global Visionaries facilitates upwards of ten internships per year to help current students and recent graduates gain experience working in the non-profit sector. Interns work alongside staff members researching and writing grants, developing curriculum, assisting with fundraising, and more. Each intern’s tangible outcomes contribute directly to the organization’s growth and success. When the internship comes to a close, interns come away with invaluable skills and fond memories. A past GV intern, Danni, reflects on her time here, “the internship with Global Visionaries was a really memorable experience. I learned a lot from Global Visionaries’ staff on the spirit of social entrepreneurship in non-profit organizations…it felt great to be part of a community so dedicated to empowering youth.”

To all of our generous volunteers – thank you! We could not do it without wonderful people like you.


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