Thanking the GV program community

2014 YBretreat team 2As thanksgiving approaches, and recruitment comes to an end, Global Visionaries reflects on everyone who assisted in our efforts to ensure a successful first year program. In the midst of our efforts we could never forget the generosity of our many supporters. This blog is dedicated to you; students, parents, teachers. You all serve as a constant resource of believers and supporters for the GV mission and vision, we thank you.

GV Students

To all of our students, both current and past participants, you have demonstrated a high level of dedication assisting and sometimes leading school presentations and information nights; your insight and passion for the program keeps program staff energized. We couldn’t do this without you, nor would we want to, at GV we are a youth lead organization. Youth make that happen!

GV Parents

To our dedicated parents, who serve as ambassador for our program, you all have served a crucial part to our recruitment process. Your presence at info nights put the minds of prospective students’ parents at ease. Not only are parents crucial to recruitment but they have given us the privilege of working with the most important thing in their life, their children. We could not thank you enough…

The education community

And last but not least, the schools and teachers who continue to partner with us each year. Over the years, Global Visionaries has expanded to 36 schools! Teachers, you have witnessed the growth that your students experience through our program, first hand. In our next posting, we can’t wait to highlight a special teacher who has dedicated an immense amount of time to seeing his students through our program!


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