El Blogpost de Elena Agdamag

From: Elena Agdamag (Junior Leader, Summer Intensive 2017)

Reported on July 30, 2017, Day 8 of the Summer Intensive ‘17

Returning to Guatemala has been the experience of a lifetime. I have witnessed both internal and external growth of exponential magnitude. Within the group dynamic, the overall amount of thought and consideration placed upon our presence has blossomed tenfold. Insight and raw emotion resounded through the halls of our last group reflection, resonating within our hearts.

These were not the same kids who had entered the GV workshops a little over a week ago. These kids live life differently than normal and had really pushed themselves out of their comfort zones. The change has been initiated within our future leaders, building in them the foundation for further global awareness. Is for my personal growth, the immersion has called on me to delegate between adults and participants. I have learned to strengthen my leadership skills through facilitation and organization. My time in Guatemala has been absolutely unforgettable, thanks to my new friends.


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