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Summer Immersion Update – From Naomi!

Coming into this experience I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or what it would entail, but I feel as though I’m starting to catch on more. Working in the hospital again this year has been incredible. To be honest, I feel as though it has almost been a bit harder this year. For the first two days that we spent in the hospital, I found myself leaving with a sense of panic. I kept on feeling as though I had no time to spend with the patients and the friends I had created last year and also make time to create new connections. Last year I left here with the idea of applying to Youth Board, which provided me with the small sense of hope that I might return. This year, though, I realize that it would be very difficult, if even possible, to return in the coming years and visit my friends in the hospital, which is a terrifying and sad thought.

Things have been really great though overall and I’m still a bit overwhelmed and astonished that I’m actually back here. Leading is definitely more exhausting than I could ever have imagined. I feel like the Junior Leaders have many behind the scenes responsibilities, which are difficult to notice from the outside, so I don’t have a perfect image to replicate. Many of the responsibilities and tasks we have are fairly simple and would be quickly accomplished by one person, but in the effort to foster teamwork, we delegate different parts of the job to different people. It is very important and provides the participants with an opportunity to practice their leadership skills. It is just a much more tiring process when you have to delegate, check in, confirm that the job was completed, and reflect for each individual task. It absolutely pays off, though, when you see someone that was once shy and timid share, open up to the group, and blossom in the work they are doing and people they are interacting with. It really is incredible. I can’t wait to see how other develop as well.

-Naomi Rothenberg (Mercer Island High School Class of 2016, incoming first year student at Willamette University)


Voices of Visionaries : Brian

“One of the greatest things I’ve taken away from the program is an increased empathy for my fellow human beings. After being in Guatemala I’ve truly gotten a sense of the fundamental value of human life. And I feel that the greatest way that I can pay that back is by becoming a physician to help save other people’s lives.”

In one word, what do you feel now you have been part of GV?


My name’s Brian and I am a junior from Mercer Island, Washington. I serve as one of the Youth Representatives on the Board of Directors, meaning I go to all of the board meetings, and I help sculpt the organization. It’s an opportunity for me to give a voice of the youth to this group of adults and help shape where we’re going. Brian2What lured me to Global Visionaries (GV) was the chance to travel outside the United States and have a hands-on experience in a foreign country. The ability to work in Antigua’s hospital, for instance, seemed like an amazing opportunity to give back, and was well-suited to my interest in becoming a physician. One of the greatest things I’ve learned from the program is an increased empathy for my fellow human beings. After working in the hospital, I gained a sense of the fundamental value of human life, as well as an increased drive to make an impact on the world. And I feel that the best way I can contribute to our global society is by practicing medicine.

I’ve never been completely comfortable in my own skin, but once I got to Guatemala and started interacting with my peers in the cohort, I felt that any semblance of inadequacy melted away. The atmosphere that GV creates is one of true community. I never worried what people thought of me, and I knew that they had my back. I carry this warmth with me wherever I go now, knowing that I have this bond with my peers from GV, even though we may go down different paths in our lives.

One element that is absolutely vital to the essence of GV is its 50-50 model — the idea 50 percent of participants should be from low-income families, and 50 percent not. I didn’t initially understand what that offered to the organization, but once I was actually engaged in discussions with the group, it dawned on me. Our discussions would have been so much more superficial without that diversity. Having a broad spectrum of participants brings a wealth of perspectives and first-hand knowledge that is genuinely powerful, and it had a profound effect on me.

I’m very drawn to the GV philosophy. Because I love both biology and analogies, I think of GV as a treatment for the underlying cause of many of the world’s social ills, rather than just a palliative for symptoms. After a virus enters its host, it begins exponentially multiplying itself and vying for control of the body, resulting in a cluster of symptoms that do further damage to the body. We have racial and religious conflicts, famine, suffering. Our world has all these symptoms, but behind them is a virus, a root cause. It can be tempting to pour all of our resources into fighting the symptoms, but unless we remove the core causes, the symptoms will just resurface. GV attacks the virus, not the symptoms, and I think that is an inspiring mission.

Due to the fact that donors are giving GV funds for low income youth scholarships , there’s such a huge diversity and broad spectrum of people from all walks of life coming together to share their perspectives. I found that I was incredibly impacted by all these people’s viewpoints, and all of their takes on these different issues. It truly broadened my horizons by meeting these people that I wouldn’t normally. Having them come into the organization, and being able to forge a bond with them, definitely broadened my horizons. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in a life-changing experience.

GV Youth Board Surpasses Goal at Come to the Table

WP_20130309_019The Global Visionaries Youth Board and 110 Consulting co-hosted 12 fundraising dinners for their friends and families on March 9 and 16. All funds raised will support program scholarships for students in our First Year Leadership Program and ensure the accessibility of our programs to all students in the Greater Seattle area.

Youth Board is a group of 35 students who have completed our First Year Leadership Program and are continuing their involvement with GV as leaders and mentors to first year participants. The Come to the Table dinners this year were a remarkable success! In addition to funding 15 program scholarships, they’re also an opportunity for YB members to grow as leaders and expand the GV community by sharing our mission with new audiences.

110 Consulting, a Puget Sound-based business and technology consulting firm, has partnered with GV as our technology advisors and as co-hosts of our Come to the Table fundraiser. The owners, Dan Kearney, Kyle Katt and Heinrich Montana challenged the YB to reach their goal through a generous matching donation of up to $10,000!

Our fundraising goal was $10,200 for this year. The Youth Board and their guests took the challenge head-on and more than doubled the goal by raising $21,500! In addition to the $10,000 matching gift from the owners, 110 Consultant guests contributed an additional $1,800, for a grand total of $33,300 raised!

GV is extremely grateful for all involved, the Youth Board, 110 Consulting, guests and staff. With the next cohort of participants on the horizon, the security of scholarships and two years of Come to the Table events under our belts, we are looking forward an even more successful year to come!


“I felt a great sense of accomplishment from Come to the Table because I was able to help create opportunities for others to participate in GV, which for me was a life-changing experience.” Michael Cannon, Youth Board Member.

“Meeting people who were interested in giving to a program that gave me so much was incredible. Talking about GV is always enjoyable, but knowing that it was going to give someone else a chance to experience what I experienced made it all that much better, especially since I went on a full scholarship.” Annie Chan, Youth Board Member.

“Throwing events is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, especially if I am passionate about the cause and the people. Both of these were true so enjoying the entire event was great. I really enjoyed GV and the youth were awesome.” David Goecke, 110 Consulting.

“I was blown away by the dedication of the Youth Board and 110 throughout the entire process. The youth are the face of GV and a clear manifestation of how GV provides an incredible experience for young people. GV is able to open their eyes to the global community and to instill an interest and passion to make the world a better place. GV is a rare and wonderful opportunity for young people and one that’s helping to create a generation that cares.” Angie Marshall, Global Visionaries Youth Board Coordinator.

GV to Take Part in Third Annual GiveBIG Event on May 15, 2013

TSFGiveBIG2013_color_block_dateGlobal Visionaries is proud to announce that on May 15, 2013, from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time), we will once again take part in The Seattle Foundation’s third annual GiveBIG event. We are joining more than 1,300 other nonprofit organizations on this one-day, online charitable giving event, which aims to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations like GV, who make King County a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

Amplify Your Gift

Join thousands of new and returning individual donors and make an online gift to GV on May 15 and boost your donation even further through matching funds made possible through the generosity of The Seattle Foundation, individual donors, and sponsors like Seattle International Foundation, Bezos Family Foundation, Boeing, Microsoft, Medina Foundation, Starbucks and others.

Follow us on Facebook! Start now by “Liking” us and stay tuned for details. Share our page and help spread the word about our good work.

Remember: only donations made between 12 a.m.-12 a.m. on Wednesday, May 15 through our page on The Seattle Foundation’s website will be eligible for matching funds!

We recommend that you bookmark it so that it’s easy to find on the BIG day.

A New Year, a New Group of Young Leaders

For some people, fall is about enjoying pumpkin spice lattes and jumping in piles of rust-colored leaves in the backyard.  Or pulling out scarves, hats and gloves from dusty corners of the closet and praying that the moths didn’t get to them over the summer.  For Global Visionaries, it’s about pulling out all the stops and keeping things fresh while we focus almost singularly on one endeavor: recruiting.

250 presentations in 3 weeks across 25 high schools between Kent and Port Townsend means we had over 2500 phone calls to make to prospective applicants to our First Year Leadership & Intensive programs this year.  Impossible?  Not when you have the support of our amazing GV community: over 2000 hours were put into the monumental feat that is GV recruiting season during the last few weeks by Youth Board, parents, teachers, volunteers, interns, board members and staff.

What makes it all worth it? 

Our program participants come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and about half of them are students of color.  Some of the languages you may hear spoken at our Culture Nights throughout the program year between parents and their students include those from Southeast Asia, East Africa, Eastern Europe as well as Spanish and of course, English.

“Every year, we witness first-hand families who are passionate about the GV experience and desire for their children to be a part of this program, but struggle to make it a reality financially,” says Mario Flores, GV program outreach manager.  Over 180 applications (and counting) have been received so far at this point and nearly 60% of these were accompanied by requests for financial aid.  In spite of the tough economic environment and resulting strain on traditional funding sources, GV awarded $115,000 in program scholarships for 2012-2013, up over 22% from $90,065 in program year 2011-2012.

At GV, we strive to make our programs available to all youth who desire to see a positive change in their community regardless of their financial situation.  We look forward to a future when all young people may participate in our programs without money being the primary barrier.  After all, Mario says, “we are not just recruiting participants to travel to Guatemala.  We are working to build a community that thinks actively and continues to challenge social and environmental injustices in our global community.”

Find out more about what’s new at GV by following us on our blog and on Facebook.  Or make a contribution and help support today’s global leaders.

Greetings from New GV Intern Noel Chapman

Hello Global Visionaries community!

Noel SmilingMy name is Noel Chapman, and I am GV’s newest Communications & PR Intern.  I am here with a group of students from the Matteo Ricci College in Seattle University.  We are all majoring in the Bachelor of Arts and Humanities for Leadership Studies (long, I know).

“What is that?” you may ask. Well, it’s brand new and one of a few majors of its kind. The BAHL, as we call it, studies leadership theory and philosophy as well as those practical skills that all leaders should have.  This has included classes from Humanistic Foundations for Leadership to Public Speaking.  This major is directly related to accomplishing Seattle University’s goal of “empowering leaders for a just and humane world”, something that complements GV’s mission quite nicely.

One requirement for this major is a local internship during your sophomore year, hence why I am here.  I am so excited to become a part of the GV community and to really learn what it takes for an organization like GV to thrive and grow, while hopefully learning some good office skills along the way.  GV already seems like such a welcoming organization that I cannot wait to delve into the work waiting for me here.

As a Communications & PR Intern, I will be helping with the Global e-Vista, editing the PR Policy, and assisting in any way the Communications & PR Team needs me to.  I was placed in this position because I have an interest in Marketing and am planning on getting a minor in it.

When I am not in school or working with GV, I am most likely trying to balance self-care and my job as a Resident Assistant in one of the dorms at Seattle University (Go Campion 2!).  I love going to any little café in Seattle and hanging out with my friends and residents whenever I get a chance.

In the future, I plan on becoming a lawyer.  This has been my goal for years, and so far, it continues to be.  I am extremely passionate about the topic of human trafficking and would love to work with any of the organizations that are out there fighting it.  This internship experience will provide me, in more ways than one, with some much needed experience and skill-building for my all my future plans.

My internship lasts until the end of Spring Quarter (June 2013), so I will hopefully be spending lots of time here. If you see me in the office, please say hello; I would love to talk to you.


Save the Date – GV Welcome Night

Thursday, November 29, 2012

6:30-9 p.m.

Location: TBD


Come out and join M-Bibe and the Global Visionaries community for an evening of music and fun as you meet this year’s incoming program participants!

Parents: mix & mingle with other parents and members of the GV community including staff, interns, volunteers, alumni and more – get to know the people that your students will be working with over the next year.

Everybody else: find out more about GV and our work to empower young people to become global leaders in creating a just and sustainable future.

And did we mention there’s going to be awesome music by local musicians involved?

Suggested donation of $10 will go to support ongoing  GV program needs.

About M-Bibe

What We Do

M-bibe builds symbiotic partnerships between Northwest nonprofits, non-traditional venues, and musicians. We bring folks together to network, socialize, and raise money for a good cause while supporting talented, local musicians and their original music.

Why We Do It

We are musicians with a mission.  We care a lot about what’s going on in the world.  We realize nonprofits need funding.  We know music brings people together.  What better way to help nonprofits, support local business and musicians, and build communities by connecting all the dots?​​

Our Story

The co-founders of M-bibe met by chance in the sun-drenched region of Cappadocia in central Turkey in 2010.  Over 6,000 miles from the Northwest, they came to learn that they resided only a few miles from each other in Seattle.  With a variety of similar interests and pursuits, it seemed almost inevitable that a future project would develop between the two.  They kept in touch back in Seattle over the next couple of years and eventually realized the potential for ahigher purpose of their art; M-bibe was born!

Website: www.m-bibe.com

Previous event: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEut4ePulss

Press: www.capitolhilltimes.com/2012/09/people-wh-rock-bikes-that-roll-and-musicians-who-do-both

Now Hiring!

Global Visionaries currently has two open positions in our Seattle office.

Development Manager
Global Visionaries is looking for a new Development Manager! This is a full-time, paid position. Desired qualifications include 5-7 years of experience in fund development, a bachelor’s degree and being a team player.

If interested, please read the full job description here: Development Manager Position Description

Youth Board Coordinator
Global Visionaries is also looking to fill a Youth Board Coordinator position! This is a full-time position(40 hours per week) with a stipend. Desired qualifications include leadership and public speaking skills, prior experience planning and managing events, and some college.

If interested, please read the full job description here: Youth Board Coordinator Position Description

*   *   *

The Seattle International Foundation, a GV partner organization, is also hiring!

Administrative Intern
The Seattle International Foundation is looking for an Administrative Intern starting August 2012! The internship will be part-time (15-20 hours per week) for a duration of 4-6 weeks. Highly qualified candidates may be eligible for a stipend. Desired qualifications include the ability to work independently, ability to learn quickly, knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and strong communication skills.

If interested, please read the full job description here: SIF Administration Intern Position Description

“It is up to us. It is up to you.” By Courtney Greenley

(A Day in the Life of a Global Visionaries Assistant Program Manager)

STRANGER:  So what brought you to Seattle?

COURTNEY: I am working for a small non-profit called Global Visionaries.

STRANGER: Oh!  I have never heard of it…Does it have something to do with eye care?

COURTNEY: (chuckle) In a nutshell, it coordinates a youth leadership program that culminates to an immersion experience in Guatemala.

STRANGER: Wow.  That sounds really neat.  So what do you do there?

COURTNEY: I create future global leaders.  And what do you do?

STRANGER: (Silence)

(The Monologue)

COURTNEY: I, Courtney Greenley, have breathed, worked and lived behind the scenes of Global Visionaries (GV) for the past eleven months.  Every day, the staff of GV straps up their work boots and prepares themselves for what they think they will be doing on that particular day.  Unbeknownst to them, a jackhammer will be outside the window all day, the server will crash and the phones will not stop ringing.  Without dropping a beat, the GV staff shuts the windows, blasts holiday music, recovers the server and cheerfully answers the phone.  Who does that?!  The answer is simple: A passionate team of people who believe in creating a just and sustainable future through youth leadership.

(The Moral of the Story)

NARRATOR: Global Visionaries is a community made up of individuals who strive to create change.  This may be as small as buying direct trade coffee, or as large as coordinating a World Water Week.  There are 365 days, 52 weeks, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes in one year.  Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi lived by the same rules of time, but what they did with their time was undeniably remarkable.  Even Gandhi couldn’t snag a time-turner from Hermione Granger.

Marian Wright Edelman challenges the nation addicted to electronics and fast food.  “A lot of people are waiting for Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi to come back – but they are gone.  We are it.  It is up to us.  It is up to you.”  The clock is ticking…and what do you do?

Homestay Needed for Billy Lopez!

GV’s Assistant Program Manager Billy Lopez, 22, of Antigua, Guatemala is in need of a homestay in Seattle from October to December.

A previous participant of our Guatemala Youth Leadership program, Billy has been working in our Seattle office since March of this year assisting with our U.S. youth programs and development efforts. Billy decided to take a year off from his university studies in Guatemala to come to Seattle and work at the Global Visionaries office.

“I had to take a year leave from university to accept the position and am disappointed that I won’t be graduating with my friends, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I wasn’t going to pass up,” Billy said.

While in the U.S., Billy hopes to gain a stronger understanding of U.S. culture while improving his English-speaking skills. Billy also hopes to hit the ski slopes while in Seattle, given that Billy had never even seen snow until he came to the U.S.

If you or anyone you know would be willing to provide a new home for Billy, please contact us at gvinfo@global-visionaries.org!