GV Youth Board Surpasses Goal at Come to the Table

WP_20130309_019The Global Visionaries Youth Board and 110 Consulting co-hosted 12 fundraising dinners for their friends and families on March 9 and 16. All funds raised will support program scholarships for students in our First Year Leadership Program and ensure the accessibility of our programs to all students in the Greater Seattle area.

Youth Board is a group of 35 students who have completed our First Year Leadership Program and are continuing their involvement with GV as leaders and mentors to first year participants. The Come to the Table dinners this year were a remarkable success! In addition to funding 15 program scholarships, they’re also an opportunity for YB members to grow as leaders and expand the GV community by sharing our mission with new audiences.

110 Consulting, a Puget Sound-based business and technology consulting firm, has partnered with GV as our technology advisors and as co-hosts of our Come to the Table fundraiser. The owners, Dan Kearney, Kyle Katt and Heinrich Montana challenged the YB to reach their goal through a generous matching donation of up to $10,000!

Our fundraising goal was $10,200 for this year. The Youth Board and their guests took the challenge head-on and more than doubled the goal by raising $21,500! In addition to the $10,000 matching gift from the owners, 110 Consultant guests contributed an additional $1,800, for a grand total of $33,300 raised!

GV is extremely grateful for all involved, the Youth Board, 110 Consulting, guests and staff. With the next cohort of participants on the horizon, the security of scholarships and two years of Come to the Table events under our belts, we are looking forward an even more successful year to come!


“I felt a great sense of accomplishment from Come to the Table because I was able to help create opportunities for others to participate in GV, which for me was a life-changing experience.” Michael Cannon, Youth Board Member.

“Meeting people who were interested in giving to a program that gave me so much was incredible. Talking about GV is always enjoyable, but knowing that it was going to give someone else a chance to experience what I experienced made it all that much better, especially since I went on a full scholarship.” Annie Chan, Youth Board Member.

“Throwing events is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, especially if I am passionate about the cause and the people. Both of these were true so enjoying the entire event was great. I really enjoyed GV and the youth were awesome.” David Goecke, 110 Consulting.

“I was blown away by the dedication of the Youth Board and 110 throughout the entire process. The youth are the face of GV and a clear manifestation of how GV provides an incredible experience for young people. GV is able to open their eyes to the global community and to instill an interest and passion to make the world a better place. GV is a rare and wonderful opportunity for young people and one that’s helping to create a generation that cares.” Angie Marshall, Global Visionaries Youth Board Coordinator.


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